Benfotiamine Eases Pain, Improves Quality of Life for Patients Suffering With Diabetic Nerve Pain

When your doctors can’t ease your diabetic nerve pain, what do you do?

The American Diabetes Association estimates that, as of 2015, about 15 million Americans suffered from diabetic neuropathy. Many of those patients suffer diabetic nerve pain that disrupts their daily activity.

Dr. Jack Butz of BenfoComplete answers many of the phone calls from these patients, and a large number of them report that their doctors are unable to help them. That’s where BenfoComplete comes in.

Benfotiamine, a vitamin supplement, reduces the damage caused by excess glucose in body cells. A special kind of thiamine B1, some patients have reported no longer using insulin after including Benfotiamine in their daily routines.

Benfotiamine is a generic term for a special kind of thiamine: one that is fat-soluble instead of water-soluble. Fat solubility, it turns out, allows benfotiamine to stay in the body five times longer than natural vitamin B1.

When founder Lou Montgomery, who was a diabetic himself, discovered benfotiamine, he was convinced the supplement could improve quality of life for many diabetic patients. He launched a business from his home in 2003, and to date, the company has helped countless customers minimize the symptoms of diabetes and ease the pain related to neuropathy.

Jack explains that because people vary so much physically, finding a sufficient dosage takes time for new patients. Likewise, some patients see immediate results — within the first week or two — while others require two to three months to experience improvement.

As a result, Jack and his daughter Debby prefer that customers buy more than one bottle in their initial order; not because they hope to sell more bottles, but rather so that customers have plenty of time to determine whether the product works for them.

“If you buy one bottle and it doesn’t work quickly, you’ll stop using it without knowing whether it works or not,” Jack said.

He said he usually tells customers that if the product doesn’t help you within 60 days, it probably won’t help.

On the other hand, for those patients who are helped by Benfotiamine, the results can be wide-ranging and numerous. Patients have reported reduced blood plaque, improved vision and kidney function, and improved ability to walk and sleep. Fibromyalgia patients have also reported decreased pain as a result of Benfotiamine.

Current research indicates that benfotiamine may also produce good results in patients with Alzheimer’s.

For customers interested in trying Benfotiamine, there are two products to consider. Benfotiamine capsules target patients who are already taking B vitamins. The Multi B product includes additional amounts of B2, B5, B6, and B12 in addition to the benfotiamine, and is specially designed for neuropathy treatment.

Because the product includes only supplements and vitamins, it doesn’t require a prescription, and it can be sent anywhere in the country, usually within three days. Occasionally, Canadian shipments of the product get held up at the border, but typical delays are usually a few days.

BenfoComplete also prides itself on being a company that helps people because it believes so strongly in the product and its ability to improve patient lives.

Jack says that sometimes veterans call to place orders, but they can’t afford multiple bottles of Benfotiamine. When that happens, the company frequently sends an extra bottle with the initial order to make sure users have an opportunity to truly test its potency.  

When patients couple Benfotiamine with other efforts to improve neuropathy, the results are often life-changing.

To learn more about Benfotiamine or to place an order, connect with BenfoComplete at If you don’t have computer access, call (888) 493-8014.