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Do You Remember 9/11?

Where were YOU on 9/11? My guest, Ari Schonbrun, was on the 78th floor or the World Trade Center, Tower One, after arriving 20 minutes later than he USUALLY got to work. His son’s Scholastic Book Order saved his life. Waiting for the elevator to take him to the upper floors, Ari recalls the EXPLOSION, sirens, smoke, and Virginia.
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 I'm never leaving home without my Benfotiamine again!  I ran out on a trip overseas - BIG MISTAKE.  Benfotiamine relieves the numbness in both feet, hands and finger tips.  

Ines from North Carolina

It has only been about 3 weeks but my life has been transformed.. the pain in my feet is virtually gone and I fully expect over the coming months to notice improvements in other areas.

Jane from England

I have been using Benfotiamine for symptoms of diabetic neuropathy since 2000.  From the balls of my feet to the tips of my toes I was feeling “disconnected."  I am happy to report that Benfotiamine literally stopped the discomfort in my feet.

Ron from California