Neuro Boost+ by Earth Creation Supports Memory Retention, Mood, Mental Clarity & Focus

  • Neuro Boost+ by Earth Creation Supports Memory Retention, Mood, Mental Clarity & Focus - BenfoComplete
  • Neuro Boost+ by Earth Creation Supports Memory Retention, Mood, Mental Clarity & Focus - BenfoComplete
  • Neuro Boost+ by Earth Creation Supports Memory Retention, Mood, Mental Clarity & Focus - BenfoComplete
  • Neuro Boost+ by Earth Creation Supports Memory Retention, Mood, Mental Clarity & Focus - BenfoComplete

Neuro Boost+ by Earth Creation Supports Memory Retention, Mood, Mental Clarity & Focus


Neuro Boost supplies instant clean energy, extreme focus and clarity, promotes a positive mood, and helps improve memory. Each scoop is packed with 18 powerful natural nootropics to help you start your day off right, or power through the afternoon.



  • Clinical dose of bacopa, 300 mg, which has been proven to improve cognition.
  • Alpha-GPC and phosphatidylserine, which are 2 essential neuro compounds that can cross the blood-brain barrier.
  • Natural caffeine from green tea and green coffee bean, paired with the amino acid L-Theanine, Neuro Boost provides a clean, steady energy without the crash.
  • Turmeric, rhodiola, and Lion's Mane mushroom contain potent active components that aid in a wide variety of brain functions, from repair and
    creation of neurons to neutralizing free radicals.
  • Vitamins are essential for healthy brain function, so we added some of the most important ones: Vitamins B5, B6, B12, and D. These all aid in promoting
    superior brain function.


    DIRECTIONS: Mix one (1) scoop with a glass of water, preferably in a shaker bottle.
    Shake or stir well before drinking.

    Vitamin B6 10mg, Vitamin B5 10mg, Vitamin B12 250mcg, Vitamin D3 25 mcg, BacoZest (Bacopa monnieri Extract) 300mg, L-Tyrosine 200mg, Taurine 200mg, Lions Mane Extract 10:1 (Hericium erinaceus) 100mg, Alpha GPC 98% 80 mg, L-Theanine 100mg, Phosphatidylserine 20% 100mg, GABA 100mg, Acetyl L-Carnitine 100mg, Phenylalanine 100mg, Natural Caffeine (from Green Tea and Green Coffee Bean) 100mg, Rhodiola rosea Extract 100mg, Turmeric Extract (Curcuma longa) 50mg, Black Pepper Extract 5mg 

    Brought to you by our partner Earth's Creation. Shipped separately directly to you

    • Benfotiamine is a lipid-soluble form of thiamine (vitamin B-1).  It was developed in Japan in the early 1960's and the Germans have long used it to treat alcoholic neuritis. It is the most effective metabolic precursor of active thiamine, or vitamin B1, available. One of the best description of benfotiamine I have found was assembled by AOR, a Canadian nutraceutical company:  Abstracts & Summary Description of Benfotiamine. 

      For you science geeks, here is the benfotiamine molecule:

    • Though benfotiamine is lipid-soluble, it metabolizes quickly, producing high levels of thiamine pyrophosphate (TPP, the active form of thiamine), which then continues to metabolize in the body as usual.  Benfotiamine itself does not accumulate in the body.  The original patent filed in the United States on benfotiamine, Adobe Version of Benfotiamine Patent, included data from LD-50 tests on lab mice (Table III) indicating that benfotiamine is significantly less toxic than common vitamin B-1 (typically, thiamine hydrochloride).  Thiamine hydrochloride has been the subject of much research.  To quote from the European Commission Health and Consumer Protection Directorate General study on the tolerable upper intake level of vitamin B-1, paragraph 3. Hazard Identification:


      "3.1. Evidence of adverse effects in humans. Orally ingested vitamin B1 has a long history of use as an oral supplement without reported adverse effects. Due to its therapeutic action in some frequently observed clinical syndromes, thiamine hydrochloride has been advised and used over a long period of time. There are no reports of adverse effects of oral thiamine, even at dosages of several hundred milligrams a day (SCOGS, 1978; DHEW, 1979; Marks, 1989).”

      The entire EC study is available at:  Tolerability of Thiamine (Vitamin B-1).  Again, vitamin-B-1 has proven safe after decades of public use and benfotiamine has been found to be significantly more tolerable than common vitamin B-1.  Also, there are no known negative interactions between benfotiamine and other supplements or medications.  However, there is information published by Ohio State University in 1996 and by the European Journal of Biochemistry in 2001 indicating thiamine supplementation should be carefully considered in patients undergoing therapy for tumorous forms of CANCER.  These articles address thiamine in general (not specifically benfotiamine) but I find them relevant since benfotiamine is essentially a very effective form of thiamine.  You may access that information here:  OSU Article, EJB Abstract.

      Otherwise, I believe there is minimal to nil downside in trying benfotiamine and the individual results have the potential to be quite significant.  Still, it is wise and prudent to monitor your own reactions to any new supplement and adjust your dosage accordingly. In over 7 years I have had 2 or 3 reports of thiamine hypersensitivity and one report of excessive dosing. If you have a known sensitivity to thiamine, you should know that benfotiamine is a very potent metabolic precursor of active thiamine and dose it cautiously if at all. Symptoms of excessive dosing could include a feeling of warmth, weakness, sweating, nausea, restlessness, difficulty breathing, tightness of the throat or even bluish colored skin. If these symptoms occur you should immediately reduce your dosage or stop taking the product.


    is a dietary supplement that is a derivative of thiamine (also known as vitamin B1). It is fat-soluble and appears to have higher bioavailability and better absorption than thiamine, some people use it to raise their thiamine levels to manage certain conditions.

    Doctor Recommended

    Benfotiamine can help restore thiamin levels and help prevent consequences of deficiency, such as nerve, heart, and brain conditions. Look in our Menu to Learn More!

    May Help With

    Many believe that Benfotiamine in supplement form may aid in the treatment of: Anxiety & Depression, Diabetes & Neuropathy, FIbromyalgia, Sciatica, and Thyroid Disease