Our business is a business based upon the goal of living a better life!

As time goes by we lose a large amount of our youthful energy. We all experience this, so we decided to find a solution!

After years of research we developed a unique formulation of B Vitamins to help you feel your best every day. This was the genesis of OUR company!

Benfotiamine.Net, Inc. is very much a family-owned business started by a U.S. Veteran family in Palm Beach County, Florida U.S.A.

Founded in 2003 by Louis Montgomery, who sadly passed away in 2010,  Benfotiamine.Net, renamed the online store to BenfoComplete, was the FIRST company to bring Benfotiamine products to the US Market.

The company is currently run by Debby Montgomery Johnson, Chief Operating Officer and Dr. Jack Butz, Client Services Director!

The BenfoComplete Military FamilyBenfoComplete is a veteran-owned company through and through, and both Lou and Debby served with distinction in the Air Force during the Gulf War among other tours of duty.

In addition, both of Debby and Lou’s two oldest sons are currently serving in the United States Military with distinction. The oldest serves as a Marine Corps Osprey Pilot, the second as an Army Blackhawk Helicopter Pilot, and even their nephew is flying for the US Navy.

Additionally, the BenfoComplete Team includes Dr. Jack Butz who started his medical career in the United States Air Force. Dr. Jack is Debby's Father and chief Advisor.

The entire BenfoComplete team works tirelessly to spread the good news about the amazing effects of nutraceutical benfotiamine. 

We remain committed to making high quality benfotiamine available to the public as conveniently and inexpensively as possible. Our products are manufactured in FDA-approved labs in the US and receive extensive quality control inspections before, during and after production.  Check back with us often to stay up-to-date on our latest product offerings and prices. If you have feedback for us, please send an email to: info@benfocomplete.com

The Montgomery and Butz families proudly support a number of veteran organizations and businesses as well as salute our brave men and women in uniform currently serving our country.