Webinar: 3 Ways To Kick Your Sugar Habits with Oralia Acosta & Kathy Friedman


I hosted this webinar as my guests, Oralia Acosta and Kathy Friedman share three simple ways to take control of our sugar habits and build lasting changes. 

We have covered below topics along with the ways to take control of our sugar habits:
• Which foods are sugar
• How it plays out in the body
• How it affects our food and mood


Debby Montgomery Johnson

President and CEO of BenfoComplete
Helps doctors and healthcare professionals to provide a high quality vitamin supplements to assist with the pains of diabetic neuropathy.  


Oralia Acosta

Holistic Wellness Coach 

Oralia Acosta is a vibrant woman who loves food and loves to share how to enjoy what you eat while maintaining optimal health.
Oralia released 30+ lbs and has kept it off for 8 years now. She has taken different courses and follows naturopaths and functional medicine doctors that are leaders in their field.  

Kathy (Katie) Friedman

LDO, FNAO, Optician, Low Vision facilitator, and Educator 

Kathy L. Friedman, LDO, FNAO is an Optician, Low Vision Specialist who serves seniors losing their eyesight from Macular Degeneration, achieve seeing more by using friendly technology without the pain of disconnecting with friends and family and being abused or manipulated by others.