It’s Father’s Day and My Birthday – Share the Love!

No one ever told me how to care for YOU and I’m sure my parents said that 66 years ago when I arrived on the scene after a quick 45-minute delivery!

Today I’m saying the same thing when I sit with Dr. Jack and help him with setting up a new Echo Dot.  “ALEXA” is presumably there to make life easier for him and mom in their “new digs!”  If only we could remember how to wake her up…Alexis, Nancy, or Hey YOU!

Mom and Dr. Jack moved to a beautiful new Senior Retirement facility which reminds me of being on a perpetual cruise – 3 meals a day, soft serve ice cream 24 x 7, movies, a heated pool, a gym, a pool table, a ping-pong table, a library, and as many new friends as you’d like to meet.  The best perks include an onsite Nurse Practitioner, a Physical Therapist, and a Visiting Nurse who come to the apartment.  SIGN ME UP!

Yet change isn’t so easy and packing up memories in a box is emotional and needs to be shared.  Health conditions pop up and no one younger than 94 really knows how you’re supposed to feel at 94, so we take one day at a time.

For the last 22 years, Dr. Jack and I, along with our team, have talked with you, our wonderful “Benfo-family” about your health and well-being.  We’re not your personal physicians, but we do share your desire for feeling YOUR BEST. 

This Father’s Day let’s sit and really listen to those around us – our presents need to be our presence.  Let’s share the love of happy hands,  happy feet and happy memories!