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5 Healthy Alternative Halloween Treats

Did you know that during Halloween people consume more than 7,000 calories of sugar and that more than 600 million pounds of candy are given out each year? Now that’s a lot of sugar! But, there are alternative treats you can have this Halloween. 

We gathered 5 alternative treats you can make or have this year. They are simple and most important, healthy!


1- Fruit Tray

They say that an apple a day keeps the doctor away! Add this tasty fruit tray to your Halloween party. This easy fruit tray can be done in minutes and your party guests are guaranteed to love it.


What you will need:




-Peanut butter

-Melted chocolate

-Chocolate chips

For the recipe:


2. Snickers Candy Bar

 Low carb sweets are the next hit on our list. The best part about this treat is that you can make it in minutes and it’s a no-bake candy bar.

What you will need:


-Cocoa powder

-Sugar-free maple syrup

-Peanut butter


For the recipe go to


3. Veggie Tray

Veggies are always a good choice for a quick, healthy snack. For Halloween, you can create our favorite spooky tray that includes a variety of beautiful vegetables.

What you will need:

-Red, yellow, orange and green peppers



-White mushrooms





-Romaine lettuce 

-Veggie dip 

For the recipe go to


4. Sugar-Free Almond Coconut Bites

These almond coconut bites are just delicious! This simple treat is for all the coconut lovers out there.

What you will need:

-Shredded coconut

-Dark chocolate 

-Maple syrup

-Toasted almonds

-Vanilla extract

-Coconut oil

For the recipe go to


5. Your Favorite Homemade

Another alternative is your own favorite healthy treat! We always encourage healthy eating and we think making something at home is always better than going to the store. We would love to hear about your go-to treat, especially during Halloween. Send Dr. Jack and me an email at

We hope you enjoy these snacks. Have a happy and safe Halloween!


 Debby Montgomery Johnson, President, and CEO at BenfoComplete.