10 Diabetes Podcasts You Should Invest Time Listening To

Diabetes doesn’t compartmentalize.

It doesn’t only affect part of your life. Rather, it impacts every aspect, from your diet to your daily routine and even your sleep schedule.

There is never a moment when diabetes isn’t a priority.

As a result, it’s worth your while to learn all that you can about the disease. The more knowledge you have, the more prepared you will be to deal with its impact.

The following 10 podcasts will increase your knowledge about the disease and broaden your community of supporters.

Diabetes Daily Grind

The Diabetes Daily Grind is a community of people who share their experiences with diabetes for the benefit of others. Founded in 2014, the site is a sort of clearinghouse for those who wish to tell their own stories and share the challenges, as well as victories, of life with diabetes.

The podcast bills itself as honest and real and dedicates itself to helping readers get the most out of life. Topics range from parenting a diabetic child, comparisons of different eating approaches, best diabetes products on the market, diabetes camps and many others.


The Juicebox Podcast

The Juicebox Podcast is the brainchild of Scott Benner, stay-at-home dad, writer, and father to a daughter with type-1 diabetes. He calls it a podcast for everyone who lives with or loves someone with type-1 diabetes. He shares his stories in an attempt to make other people’s lives a little easier.

This unique podcast includes interviews with Derek Theler, an actor slated to appear in Freeform’s upcoming series Marvel’s New Warriors. Theler has been a type-1 diabetic since he was three years old, and he has joined the “Call of the Warrior” campaign to raise awareness and support for the 30 million people living with diabetes.


Diabetics Doing Things

This podcast tells the stories of the people who live with diabetes. Its focus is on the lifelong diagnosis of diabetes and how it impacts those who live with it.

The founder, Rob Howe, realized that not everyone receives the same excellent care he did after his diagnosis, and he seeks to share the stories of those who are setting and achieving goals despite living with diabetes. He hopes the effort will result in encouragement, positivity, and education for the community.


Everybody Talks

Corinna Cornejo of the Diabetes Hands Foundation hosts this podcast that discusses topics relevant to those living with diabetes.

Topics range from how patients with diabetes should prepare for surgery to handling your diabetes in the midst of a natural disaster.


Diabetes Power Show

One of the longest-running diabetes podcasts available, the hosts of Diabetes Power Show hope to empower those living with diabetes and the people who love them.

Guests on the show include actors, writers, medical professionals, entertainers, and authors who have one thing in common: they are impacted by diabetes in their daily lives.


The Diabetes Dish

Produced by OnTrackDiabetes.com, this podcast provides information about type-1 diabetes, type-2 diabetes, and pre-diabetes. It addresses the difficulties of dealing with a health condition that “never goes on vacation.”

The podcast seeks to help people live their best lives despite diabetes and features cutting-edge developments, management tips, and inspiration.




Diabetes Connections

Diabetes Connections focuses on the power of “me too.” Host Stacey Simms realized after her son was diagnosed just before his second birthday that diabetes can be an isolating disease. Her goal is to unite people with both type-1 and type-2 diabetes so they can find their own connections.

This weekly podcast also encourages listeners to send in their own stories of connections and shared experiences for use in the episodes.



Just Talking Podcast

This podcast isn’t only about diabetes. It’s a conversation about many things, and diabetes is one of the topics the hosts discuss.

The podcast features a variety of guests from many backgrounds, but they are conversations with a purpose. The podcast embraces the tangents that naturally happen in a casual conversation.


Diabetes Forecast

This podcast is a product of the American Diabetes Association. It touts its material as being ideal for engaged people who are actively seeking to live better while they manage their diabetes.

All content is reviewed by healthcare providers from the ADA, and it spans patients from the newly-diagnosed to those who have been managing the conditions for decades.



TED Talks

Another podcast that isn’t exclusively about diabetes, TED features a number of talks on diabetes and the issues surrounding the disease.

From videos that explain the basics of the disease to expert physicians who say the treatments we’re pursuing are all wrong, TED addresses many facets of the disease that so many Americans are living with.


Not Just For Diabetics

Statistics show that 25 percent of the people who have diabetes haven’t yet been diagnosed, so they are living with a life-altering disease and they don’t even know it.

That means that these podcasts aren’t just for people who have been diagnosed with diabetes. Instead, they are relevant to us all, as people who have been touched by diabetes, or who will be in the future.

Podcasts fit neatly into our day because we can listen to them while we’re doing other things such as driving, cleaning or grocery shopping. Podcasts can turn a commute into an opportunity to learn something new.

Because diabetes infiltrates every part of your life, allow your education about diabetes to do the same. Join the community of people who are sharing their stories and experiences and building a network of support.



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