10 Things That Shoot Up Your Blood Sugar Levels

The call comes in:  You have diabetes…

The day you find out that you have diabetes begins the journey of never-ending research and monitoring. You believe you have the basics covered – what foods to stay away from and what supplements might help lower your blood sugar levels

But then – Wham! Your sugar levels skyrocket, and you don’t know WHY.

You try to work out the balance with different foods, a change in activity levels or insulin, and then, it drops low. This rollercoaster adds to your anxiety and leaves you feeling angry and confused.

This shouldn’t be so complicated, should it?

Here is a list of 10 everyday simple things that you never realized were shooting up your blood sugar levels.

1. Sunburn 

Well not the sunburn exactly but the stress and pain caused by sunburn increases stress which eventually increases blood sugar levels.

2. Skipping breakfast 

Missing the morning meal can raise blood sugar after both lunch and dinner.

3. Dawn phenomenon 

There is a gush of hormones early in the morning which signal the liver to boost the production of glucose. Diabetics may not make enough insulin to counter that spike in blood sugar levels.

4. Coffee 

Sadly, coffee too is a trigger for some people. Caffeine can spike up the sugar levels of some with blood sugar sensitive to caffeine.

5. Insufficient sleep 

Even one night of less sleep can mess up your blood sugar levels.

6. Artificial sweeteners 

Contrary to popular belief, artificial sweeteners aren’t the best replacement for refined sugar. While more research is needed to confirm this, it is best to be careful with these.

7. Dehydration 

The lower the water in your body, the richer the blood sugar. In addition, things can get worse as high blood sugar causes frequent urination worsening dehydration.

8. Time of day 

Blood sugar is difficult to control the later it gets.

9. Nose spray 

Some nose sprays have certain chemicals that cause the liver to make more blood sugar.

10. Gum Disease 

It can be both, a complication of diabetes and also a reason for a rise in blood sugar.

With each new study about Diabetes, we are learning and unlearning how blood sugar levels work. Still, it’s safe to say, diabetics should be cautious and aware of their individual triggers. No matter what type or what stage, Diabetes needs your undeviating attention.


Content source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention



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