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Got Questions?

Jack has the answers…

Why did you get involved with the family business?

I wanted to help people with pain and diabetic sugar problems. We saw a need for low cost help with neuropathy problems as well as the horrific results that high glucose levels produce in bodies of all ages.

Who can best benefit from benfotiamine?

Any person suffering from neuropathy. Some of our customers could barely sleep or walk before taking our product. Many were told by doctors that nothing could help them yet we’ve seen them dramatically improve with the assistance of our brand of benfotiamine.


Since benfotiamine reduces the damage excess sugar does to the body cells of diabetics, some have reported no longer using insulin after using our product. Others have reported vision improvements as well as improved kidney function.


Benfotiamine has also helped with back pain, fatigue, fibromyalgia and sciatica as well as boost your mood and improve brain function. Our product helps on many levels!


Can you take Benfotiamine with food or other medication?

Our products are compatible with any food or medication. We do remind our customers that nerve regeneration takes time so it’s important to be patient. We’re also the only company that produces Benfocreme a topical cream containing benfotiamine and arginine.

Why choose your family’s brand of benfotiamine over the competitors?

Our BenfoComplete is the highest quality at the best price and we get positive results. We sell our products to many physicians as well as health food stores around the US, so our reputation speaks for itself.


We use FDA-licensed and certified laboratories in California, New York, Florida to manufacture our products so you can expect the very best. On top of that, we’re a US-based company run by a military family. Why go anywhere else?

What can you expect when purchasing Benfotiamine from your family’s company?

We offer personal, friendly service to our clients. We also have a staff doctor who can give useful advice on dosage and expectations. You don’t get that from nutraceutical companies. Hey, we use the products ourselves and we’re an active military family. Trust me, we only use the best!


Are you proud of your product?

Extremely. We’ve changed the lives of many folks that couldn’t enjoy life because of the pain of neuropathy. Some clients tell us that they could not have survived without the relief our products provided them. Those stories make it all worthwhile.

Why is there no expiration date on my vitamins?

Benfotiamine.Net, Inc. has made the switch from printing “Born On” dates to printing “Manufacture” dates to clear up any confusion as to when the product was produced. The change was made in order to keep Benfotiamine in compliance with the regulations set forth in the FDA’s Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), which state that dietary supplements labeled on or after July 21, 2010, will display a “manufacture date” rather than the “expiration date”.


The GMP guidelines for dietary supplements are more in line with pharmaceutical GMPs. In order to be 100% compliant with our industry’s new GMPs, we label our Benfotiamine brand products with “Manufacture” dates. However, we will continue to require that all our products and ingredients maintain their quality, purity and potency for the traditionally expected time frame of two years.


It is important to know that there has been no change in the products themselves, unless otherwise specified. The new “Manufacture Date” printed on the labels represents the date upon which the product was produced and is your assurance of quality and freshness. We will also continue to test and study our products to assure they will meet the expected shelf-life, which again is 2 years from date of manufacture for our products.


This question was answered by a trained product specialist at Benfotiamine.Net, Inc. Do you have a question you’d like answered? Send it via email to info@benfotiamine.net.


(Note: as per industry regulations, we cannot and will not answer medical questions, make treatment or diagnosis recommendations or comment on disease inquiries. Such questions must be answered by your doctor or professional health care provider.)


FDA DISCLAIMER: Because benfotiamine is a dietary supplement the FDA only requires manufacturers and distributors to have credible evidence as to its safety. The FDA itself has not evaluated benfotiamine for safety or effectiveness. Benfotiamine therefore cannot be represented to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. For more information on this and related topics, please follow this link to FAQ’s on benfotiamine.org

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